Projekta seminārs

30.11.2018, plkst. 14:15 LUMII 210. telpā notiks projekta seminārs.

Nosaukums: "A Hypothetical Web Computer and its OS" (Hipotētisks tīmekļa dators un tā operētājsistēma)


The process of developing web applications, compared to development of classical standalone applications, requires different way of thinking, since network-specific aspects (such as user authentication, network latency, security, and privacy) have to be considered. We propose a hypothetical web computer, which factors out network-related issues and provides an illusion of a single computer with directly attached CPUs, memory, and I/O devices. By assuming the web computer and its OS as a target environment for web applications, developers can preserve the same level of thinking as in classical von Neumann or Harvard architectures with just one computer in mind.