There is active ongoing research in several theoretical areas of bioinformatics, most importantly: development of methods for analysis/comparison of protein structures as well as methods for studies on structure evolution; modelling of gene regulatory networks and development of methods for analysis of network behaviour, stability etc. as well as methods for modelling gene network evolution.

On a more practical level bioinformatics group specializes in development of advanced software and database systems for storage and analysis of biomolecular data obtained from high-throughput technologies. One of the largest projects in this field is SIMBioMS: a web-based software system developed for collection, storage, management and retrieval of data and infor mation about patients and biomedical samples as well as experiment results obtained using various platforms. SIMBioMS initially was developed as a data exchange system for use in EU FP6 project MolPAGE (main emphasis on studies of type 2 diabetes and other metabolic diseases) and has been later adapted for several other applications, including EU FP7 project ENGAGE.

Online data warehouse for medical research (Latvia)

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