The research in this area continues from 1980s. The most important achievement is one of the most up-to-date in the world system modelling tool GRADE (created in cooperation with German company Infologistik GmbH 1990 -2000). GRADE is still unmatched system for managing very large graph-like diagrams.

Currently, research goes on by using a model-driven techniques for software design. We have introduced a model- and model transformation-based system and tool building approach called the Transformation-Driven Architecture, TDA. The following tools have been developed recently using the principles of TDA:

  • OWLGrEd (Editor for Compact UML-style OWL Graphic Notation)
  • ViziQuer (Structured Semantic Data Search Tool)
  • GradeTwo (UML diagram editor).
Special languages for model transformation and transformation based tools aimed at complex system modelling and design are being developed. One such language is MOLA - a graphical MOdel transformation LAnguage.